my design :)

I love the raining, but don’t like the thunder :( I hate them


Today is the first day I have a time to sit out side, I went to the new house to see my landlord, he is so nice, and we talk about ourshelve… I don’t know in next 6 months, what can be happened? But I can live well with other guys, I know that is a new beginning… I hope we will have a great time together…

when I know that my design is not good enought… I just think about my life.. SUCK!!!! I have just wanted to give up everything, my career, my dream …

How can I go away? 

Just tell me if you wanna go home 

I feel great when listenning to music in the dark…
I just thought that I can live without you
I just thought you will go away from me
I just thought the way that I face to face with my scare with you, is too ridiculous..
And you don’t have to stay there, show me your soul..
Our relationship is no name. Thanks for bring it to my life…

My dream is flying away…. just like you :)